Building No.9 is a design focused gallery that produces one-of-a-kind and limited-run collections of furniture, objects and interiors.


The work promotes an aesthetic that embraces history while looking ahead to discover new applications for historical fragments and materials. With a conceptual approach to conventional objects and settings, these pieces are the result of elevated design thinking and encouraged experimentation.


The Gallery space is a lab or sandbox as well as a space for product launches and exhibitions of new ideas from fellow celebrated artists.



Artist + Founder

With 25 years experience creating custom spaces, furniture and objects for highly individualistic patrons, Building No.9 was created as a natural extension of the comprehensive interior design practice of founder and artist, Peter Fleming.

Through the Building No.9 Gallery, Fleming intends to promote the exploration of historic models of Furniture and Decorative Arts through exhibitions of period pieces and work intended to extend past era traditions in concert with new design.

Special projects have included custom interiors for private aircraft, touring coaches for the Rock’n’Roll elite and various product design collections in upholstery, door hardware and lighting.

“I have been most fortunate to have been introduced to the practice of creating complete interiors early in my career while working for Robert A.M Stern, a true master of his craft. He taught a respect and understanding of history that enabled me to mature into a full appreciation of my upbringing amongst 19th Century English Colonial Architecture, an influence in style that will persist.”

— Peter Fleming



  • Nashville Antiques and Garden Show | 2019, Nashville

  • Nashville Antiques and Garden Show | 2018, Nashville

  • Nashville Antiques and Garden Show | 2017, Nashville

  • David Lusk Gallery | Preserved | 2016, Memphis

  • Nashville Antiques and Garden Show | 2016, Nashville

  • David Lusk Gallery | Wrapped | 2015, Nashville

  • O’More College of Design, RNM Gallery | Practical Poetics | 2013, Nashville

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Learn more about Fleming’s outlook on Interiors through his book, ‘Notes on the Interior’.